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Used in cars, airplanes, atomic carburants, construction machinery industries and more, we offer accurate components which function precisely even under the toughest of conditions.
For this purpose, precision and accuracy are strictly demanded throughout the whole process of manufacture.

Oil Hydraulic Parts

The production of high quality oil hydraulic parts requires efficient manufacturing in a clean environment. We have developed a machine which can efficiently wash away contamination.

Brake Parts

Although the function of brakes in a car is to stop and reduce speed, they are also a very important safety component. For this purpose, we at TOWA, demand precision and accuracy throughout the manufacture of ABS structural parts.

Bobbin Cases

Bobbin cases Tension gauge
Industrial sewing machines are one of the most important manufacturing tools used in the apparel industry. Japan's sewing machine manufacturing industry is a worldwide leader making its presence felt everywhere. TOWA has been producing bobbin cases, the heart of a sewing machine, ever since the company was established. TOWA is the world's largest bobbin case manufacturer and now supplies more than half of all the bobbin cases worldwide and is proud of its top quality products line-up and output.
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Automatic Machine

Manufacturing with unmatched processing programs and know-how our company can meet the demands of its clients by combining specialized machinery with our long track record and experience.
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