At TOWA we focus on producing oil hydraulic parts for the construction and industrial vehicle industries. This field of accurate production requires high precision and extreme reliability throughout every stage of manufacture. We are able to meet the demands of all our customers by using the technology and experience we have perfected over the years.
= We will continue to provide this efficient production system so as to ensure and maintain the trust of our future clientele. =
Manufacturing with unmatched processing programs and know-how our company can meet the demands of its clients by combining specialized machinery with our long track record and experience.
= We send relief and trust =
In order to supply stable manufactured parts produced with precision, comprehensive analysis of both goods and data is essential.We have all sorts of measuring equipment which we use with a positive attitude for not only the product quality control, but also to improve out manufacturing technology and save labor based on our data.

Cutting Facilities

NC lathe Machining center
NC lathe
Machining center
Cutting Facilities
Machining center

Heating Facilities

Gas Carburized Hardening
Gas Carburized Hardening
Sub-zero treatment
Electrolytic Hardening

Grind Facilities

Honing machine line NC cylindrical grinder
NC cylindrical grinder Honing
NC cylindrical grinder
Honing machine
Center lathe cylindrical grinder
Surface grinder

Abrasion Facilities

Magnetism Barrel
Barrel polising
Buff polising
Belt polising

Assembly・Pressure Control

Assembly・Pressure control Facilitie

Measuring Equipment

Roundness measuring machine Shape measuring machine Coordinate Measuring Machine
Roundness measuring machine
Shape measuring machine
Roundness measuring machine
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Hardness tester
Measuring microscope

Plastic Working Facilitie

(Bending,Blanking,Cold foring,Calking.)

Burr Removal Machine

Electrolytic flash cutting machine Extrude Hone Polishing
Extrude Hone Polishing
Electrolytic flash cutting machine
Brushing machine
Washing machine
Ultrasonic washing machine

Welding Machine

Arc welding
Projection Welding machine

Special Facilities

Wire cut electrolytic spark machine
Electrolytic spark machine
Wire cut electrolytic spark machine

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