• ginding
  • assembling:setφpressure
  • antifriction
  • measuring instrument
  • cutting
  • plastic work
  • trimming・wash
  • heat treatment
  • weld

Technological Outline

Total Production Sysytems

Burr Removal Technology

We have independently developed and manufactured a variety of machines. Among these are machines for deburring which efficiently remove contamination and ensure the manufacture of products free of burrs.

Measuring Instrument

In order to supply stable manufactured parts produced with precision, comprehensive analysis of both goods and data is essential.We have all sorts of measuring equipment which we use with a positive attitude for not only the product quality control, but also to improve out manufacturing technology and save labor based on our data.

The Processing Difficult Hard Object

We mass produce Alloy tool steels (SKD11), which is used for fuel burning in diesel engines. We can produce with micron precision technology difficult to secure measurements, smoothness and roundness of hard objects. We can also easily get rid of unwanted conditions such as burr and contamination.


We see through the whole manufacturing process involved with the relief valve assembly used in hydraulic devices for construction machinery; everything from producing parts, through assembly, to pressure regulation. In order to fulfill our strict standards regarding foreign objects, our skilled experts take absolute responsibility supervising each individual testing system in our assembly lines.

Infinitesimal Clearance

The brake pump components for hybrid cars manufactured for Toyota Cars and Honda Motor Co.Ltd., require an infinitesimal clearance of 3mm to 6mm.Due to years of experience combined with new techniques we can achieve micron precision clearance.


Parts washer Brush machine
The production of high quality oil hydraulic parts requires efficient manufacturing in a clean environment. We have developed a machine which can efficiently wash away contamination.

Processing of the Seat Side

Arrow:Sheat part
The production of sheat parts for hydraulic devices demands a strict and difficult manufacturing process. Our company has met this challenge and now mass produces these parts. We also require that all our products undergo rigorous performance testing to ensure top quality.
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